Jackson taken to Boone County Jail

At approximately 11 p.m. Wednesday the Centralia Police Department arrested Wade Anthony Jackson, 34, Mexico. Jackson was taken into custody immediately following a controlled buy of suspected methamphetamine, near the Centralia Head Start building. Jackson sold a purported 1/8th of an ounce of the controlled substance for $300. The arrest of Jackson occurred without incident.
A Probable Cause Statement will be submitted to the Boone County Prosecuting Attorney requesting Jackson be charged with the Class A Felony of Distributing a Controlled Substance near Schools and the Class D Felony of Operating a Motor Vehicle without a valid License. The Class A Felony requires a bond to be set by the Boone County Circuit Court. The driver's license violation has a preset bond of $4,500.
According to a press release from L.A. Dudgeon, Centralia Chief of Police, the evidence obtained in the case will be submitted to the Missouri State Highway Patrol laboratory for analysis.
Jackson was transported to the Boone County Jail by the Centralia Police Department.