Column published October 19, 2010 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
“The way for Mexico to exhibit at state expositions is to exhibit. ... Those who have been wanting cold weather are now happy. They must have their coal in. ... There is no excuse for going out of Audrain to buy anything you eat or wear. This is official. ... The way to encourage a home industry is to spend your money with it. ... Don’t talk for Mexico and spend your money out of town. Talk is all right, but don’t bring results. ... W.A. Willingham’s sale of stock was well attended and fair prices were paid for all offerings.”
50 Years Ago
“Missouri Military Academy here has started construction of a $170,000 chapel in memory of former cadets who lost their lives in the three major wars of this century. ... Arthur Simmons showed a crowd of 5,400 persons at the American Royal matinee yesterday that when the chips are down he is the top showman. The Mexico, Mo., trainer and owner took two horses around the arena to victory in the Missouri-Kansas $300 stakes for 3-gaited and 5-gaited horses. ... Dr. H.A. Gorrell was in the Jefferson Hotel in St. Louis last week when the Prince of Belgium was in the lobby, so the local doctor stopped to tell the prince how much he enjoyed visiting his country this summer.”
25 Years Ago
“Friday was visit-the-farm day for Gov. John Ashcroft. For about an hour and a half, he was a working guest at the Route 2, Mexico, farm of Gerald and Ruth Chaney. ‘You don’t learn much about the farm situation sitting behind a walnut desk,’ he said, explaining why he is taking time off to tour farms over the state. ‘I know I won’t learn much in a short time,’ he admitted, ‘but it’s more than I would know opening and shutting desk drawers.” The governor was appropriately dressed for a rainy afternoon on the farm in his faded jeans outfit with rubber boots.”
10 Years ago
“Retired ninth-grade science teacher and high school counselor David Bell, now the driver of Bus 55, sits at a picnic table in the bus barn conversing with other drivers while he lets the bus warm up. They wait for the clock to strike 7:20 a.m. which is the signal to begin numerous bus routes throughout the city. Bell began driving the bus a few years ago when he retired from his position at the high school. ‘I began driving buses to make sure I would get out of bed. No, I do it because I enjoy kids. I think teaching school makes it easier for me to drive the bus,’ he said.”

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