Conducts horseshoe, washer tourneys

The weather couldn’t have been nicer for Saturday’s Mexico Parks & Recreation Department horseshoe and washer tournaments at Fairgrounds Park.
David Fletcher took top honors in horseshoe singles, Dan Hubbard and Fletcher in horseshoe doubles, plus Charlie Maupin in washer singles and Kenny Ward and Maupin in washer doubles.
Hubbard also had an undefeated run in Thursday’s edition of the P&R horseshoe league, beating out Chuck Golden for last week’s top spot.
Individual results from both events follow below. This Thursday will be the final league night for the season; play will switch to Sunday afternoons at 1 p.m. as long as weather permits. All interested parties are welcome to compete in the free league.

Horseshoe singles: David Fletcher, Mexico, 6-1; Charlie Ward, Mexico, 5-2 (27 LP); Dan Hubbard, Centralia, 5-2 (26 LP); Sam Raps, Mexico, 3-4, (69 LP); Dean Ward, Mexico, 3-4 (38 LP); Chuck Golden, Mexico, 3-4 (28 LP); Joe Goodman, Centralia, 3-4 (27 LP); Bill Hendrix, Mexico, 0-7.
Horseshoe doubles: Dan Hubbard-David Fletcher 4-0, Joe Goodman-Charlie Maupin 3-1, Chuck Golden-Sam Raps 1-3 (47 LP), Bill Hendrix-Bo Oligschlaeger 1-3 (45 LP), Charlie Ward-Dean Ward (1-3 (35 LP).
Washer singles: Charlie Maupin, Mexico, 3-0; Heather Ward, Mexico, 1-2 (20 LP); Trevor Ward, Mexico, 1-2 (17 LP); Zack Ward, Mexico, 1-2 (13 LP).
Washer doubles: Kenny Ward-Charlie Maupin 2-0, Zack Ward-Trevor Ward 0-2.

League singles: Dan Hubbard, Centralia, 5-0; Chuck Golden, Mexico, 4-1; Charlie Maupin,, Mexico, 3-1 (35 LP); Bill Hendrix, Mexico, 3-2 (22 LP); Sam Raps, Mexico, 3-2 (12 LP); Bo Oligschlaeger, Mexico, 3-2, (12 LP); Joe Goodman, Centralia, 2-3 (32 LP); Dean Ward, Mexico, 2-3 (28 LP); Cody Hubbard, Centralia, 0-5.