For the first time in history a man with two last names has won the U.S. Open golf tournament.  Webb Simpson, (who), won his first major tournament as most of the other people who had a shot at the winning faded as the final round progressed.  S they faded so did NBC’s ratings and by the end everyone was watching the NBA Finals and Webb Simpson claimed his prize.  NBC was hoping Tiger Woods would be able to surge into the lead but he and every other well known golfer had poor rounds on Sunday. 


Are the Cardinals and Royals still playing?  Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s games were epic contests that lasted forever and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Cardinals have a giant hole in their bullpen that may need outside help to fill.  Perhaps I jinxed them by writing so glowingly about them earlier this season but to say the Cardinals are struggling would be an understatement.  It is only mid June but they already look exhausted.  Offensively, they are feeling the affects of guys being on the DL as well as guys who aren’t on the DL playing through injuries.  In addition to that, they seem to either run hot or cold and have stopped winning those close games where they don’t score a whole bunch of runs and then have to hang on as the bullpen implodes.  The Cardinals seem to have a feast or famine type pffense where either everyone hits or no one hits and they either get shut out or only score a couple of runs.  


The Cardinals defense has begun to mirror the offense with guys playing out of position fue to other players being on the DL, guys playing hurt or at least not at one hundered percent and veteran players who probably need more days off than they are able to get due to the number of players on the DL. 


The pitching both starting and relief has also gone through its share of struggles as well.  The Cardinals are missing two starters who they were counting on heavily going into the season, Adam Wainright is still in search of the stuff that made him one of the top pitchers in the NL two years ago, Jake Westbrook seems to always be on the mound when either the Cardinals defense or offense isn’t working and sometimes both, Kyle Lohse gets very little run support, Lance Lynn is better suited for the bullpen in my opinion, and Joe Kelly shouldn’t even be pitching in the major leagues yet.  This team is starting to look like the team in 2011 who were all but dead going into the final month of the season before resurrecting themselves.  Only time will tell if this year’s team can do the same thing but one thing is for sure, they need a lot of help to make it happen.  The Cardinals have the benefit of being in the worst division in baseball this year so they will probably never be very far from the lead in the division but their fortunes will definitely have to change for them to not only reach first place again but be able to hang onto it and win the division. 


The Royals on the other hand have improved quite a bit since I last saw them.  I don’t think they have much of a chance of winning the division this year but I do think they can have a respectable year.  They have a good manage, a good young team, and are not that far away from being a contender.  They just need to be able to stay together and play with consistency and they will be right there knocking on the door. 


Turf installation at Spainhower Field appears to be going well.  I’m sure the football team is chomping at the bit to get on it for the first time.  What a great addition to the community all the rennovations at Spainhower Field will be.


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