Congratulations to Missouri Tigers forward Kim English who was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in Thursday’s NBA draft.  I must admit I don’t see English having a standout type of career in the NBA but he could contribute valuable minutes off the bench.  One can only wonder how much it benefitted him to come back for his senior year instead of declairing for the NBA draft last yer which had been his original intent.  I have to think he did the right thing as I don’t know that he would have been drafted last year but certainly wouldn’t have been drafted as high as he was. 


The St. Louis Cardinals seemed to have turned things around over the past week or so and are looking much more like the team we were all raving about in April.  They totally man handled the Kansas City Royals last weekend and then went to Miami and won two out of three games including one of the best come from behind performances of the season in Monday night’s game.  The pitching has been much more consistent but probably the main thing that has helped is a much more consistent offensive effort with several players coming out of mini slumps to contribute key hits.  Going into this season I was not a Carlos Beltran fan and was not overly thrilled when the Cardinals signed him but I must say I have been very pleasantly surprised as he has put together an MVP type year and has emerged as one of the team leadersAnother player that has put together an MVP type year is Yadier Molina.  Molina has always been an above average defender but his offense has finally caught up to his defense and he has turned into one of the best players in baseball in my opinion.  Baseball is starting to take notice and if he can continue producing in the second half like he has in the first half then you are looking at a definite MVP candidate. 


This past week we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Title IX.  I continue to be amazed by how this great country took so long to recognize women’s rights.  In reflecting on Title IX I found myself wondering if it has had the full effect that was intended.  In some ways the answer to that question has to be yes.  For example, Truman had no women’s sport prior to the passage of Title IX.  That is truly amazing to me but I know many other universities were the same way.  There are certainly more opportunities for women to compete in athletics than there were forty years ago but it still doesn’t get the attention that men’s sports receive.  In most instances women’s sports are still considered secondary to men’s sports in terms of attendance and media exposure.  Just look at the way the NCAA basketball tournament is handled.  The men’s tournament is spread across four television netowkrs and every game is carried in its entireity.  The women’s tournament is relegated to ESPN2 and trying to watch the first two rounds especially can make you dizzy as they are constantly switching from game to game and it is virtually impossible to see an entire game.  How many people know the WNBA is in season right now?  I wouldn’t even know where to watch a WNBA game if I wanted to and watching the few that I have watched has been sad because they play the games in the same arenas the NBA teams use but to one third the crowd. 


Some women’s sports have managed to make it into the mainstream and are probably more popular then the men’s version of the same sport.  I suspect ratings for women’s gymnastics will be much highter than those for men’s gymnastics during the Olympics later this summer.  The same will hold true for volleyball both on the beach and regular volleyball.  The same holds true for ice skating and probably tennis.  However, it has been like that for years and Title IX most likely had no bearing on that.  I can’t really speak about how funding for men’s and women’s sports has changed because I don’t know anything about that.  I would hazard a guess that there has been some change but it probably isn’t equal.  Chances are it will never be and that’s unfortunate. 


Unfortunately for this blog there isn’t a great deal going on now which tends to make for shorter less frequent blogs but rest assured that things will pick up soon.  I’m waiting for this fall when I go from having not enough for a blog but too much for a blog.  Once fall sports for both Truman and KHS get underway and we start talking NFL and the MLB pennant races start heating up then this blog is going to be fund to write and hopefull to read as well.  Until that time we will keep plugging along and will continue to churn out as many blogs per week as we can.  Please continue to support this blog as well as Rachel’s excellent blog which can be found elsewhere on this site. 


We will be back at some point next week with another blog.  Until then, stay safe and remember to take extra care during this increcibly hot weather we have been experiencing. 

Have a great weekend!