I was out of questions to answer and had no original blog topics in mind, so I determined 'research' was in order.  Well, it did not require the investigative work and time in grocery stores and restaurants anticipated.  Unfortunately for me, going home was enough inspiration for my next series of bolgs on safe food handling.

The biggest mistake I see in home and in quantity food production has to do with our hands.  People, without realizing, touch their face, hair, doors, etc. and return to food handling without washing up again.  The biggest mistake I see in my home has to do with the hand towel.  The hand towel in my home has a different purpose than intended.  Instead of being used to dry CLEAN hands, it wipes dirty hands, counters, and I really don't want to know what else.  Needless to say, I find myself replacing towels often.  I have set out a new towel just to have the youngest use it immediately to wipe peanut butter off his hands.  If I leave the kitchen for thirty seconds, upon my return it is obvious the towel was used as it has fallen on the floor and has blobs of jelly on it.  So, before every meal preparation I clean all surfaces and set out a fresh towel.

This serves as a reminder to wash hands with soap and water rather than wiping the hands on a towel or apron.  Reusing a soiled towel and apron will spread bacteria, and could contribute to food borne illnesses.  Can't break the habit?  Try to remember to wash hands with soap and running water between tasks, and use paper towels to dry hands - disposing each towel after a single use.

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