Column published September 14, 2012 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"The taxpayers of Audrain County generally, regardless of politics, are opposed to the single tax amendment. ... J.C. King is going to have his big sale at his farm Tuesday, Sept. 24, and will move to Mexico to help make a greater city. 'They all come back.' ... R.E. Carter, who some years ago was deputy sheriff of Audrain County, now located in Oklahoma, is visiting relatives in Audrain County. Mr. Carter is agreeably surprised at the many improvements made in Mexico since he moved away. While Mr. Carter is much pleased with Oklahoma, he still feels there is no better place to live than good old Mexico, Missouri. ... Mrs. A.M. Patterson, formerly of this city, has presented the Mexico public library with 150 books. This is quite an addition to this growing institution and Mrs. Patterson's remembrance will be most highly appreciated. ... The Scouts will not go to the cabin Monday as the boys will want all of their spare time to sell tickets for the Scout benefit at The Lyric on Monday afternoon and evening, Sept. 23. ... Roy Wright, who works on the F.L. Crosby farm, was injured slightly Saturday when a horse he was riding slipped and fell upon him. ... A chronometer is the new addition to the Worrell Jewelry Co.'s watch repair department. This chronometer is the only one in town. It is said to be the most accurate time keeper known. ... There is one fact on which The Mexico Ledger has a more fixed opinion than any other, and that is that there can be no possible grounds for controversy between the City Council and the Mexico Commercial Club. The members of the City Council are members of the Commercial Club. The City Council are representatives of the Commercial Club. No gossip or misunderstandings of any kind should bring about any friction between these two organizations, both of which are working for the best interests of Mexico. If Mexico is going to be a greater city, we need and must have the help of both of these organizations. That's official. ... We all take off our hats to the Mexico Fair management. Nothing succeeds like success. ... John R. Gibbs and wife of Liberty, Mo., were in Mexico this week on a visit to friends and relatives. Mr. Gibbs was much pleased with Mexico and the enterprise displayed by the people. ... W.W. Garth of Columbia, who owns 150 acres of land near Hardin College, wants to see the Boulevard extended east back of the college to the Wabash railroad. Mr. Garth says he would like to give the right of way and let the road be a part of the North Cross State Highway. ... Over two inches of rain fell in about 25 minutes about 8 o'clock Saturday night. The total precipitation since Saturday amounted to 2.44 inches. The downpour flooded branches around town and washed a large amount of sand from the east part of Love Street that D.C. Owen had prepared for paving. This is the hardest rain that has fallen in this section for some time. W.W. Wonneman's greenhouse also was slightly damaged by being flooded. ... The excursion train from Chicago on which a number of Mexico citizens were returning was delayed several hours Monday morning on account of a small accident near Roodhouse."
50 Years Ago
"Drought-hit Audrain farmers who have acres in a federal reserve program can get fresh pastures to replace over-grazed, burned-up fields where forage is nearly non-existent. Audrain and 267 other Missouri counties have been declared drought disaster areas by the Department of Agriculture, according to a report to The Ledger by Congressman Clarence Cannon. The SDA offered haying and grazing privileges on land retired under the conservation reserve, the 1962 feed grain program and wheat stabilization program. ... A sharp thunderstorm hit Mexico this morning and a bolt of lightning hit one of the barns at the Art Simmons Stables on West Boulevard. No one was hurt and no horses were injured. 'They nearly came out of the barn, though, with me right head of them,' said Bill Otto, assistant to Art Simmons. The lightning hit lightning rods and telephone wires and splintered several boards in the barn. Neighbors across the street told of hearing the sizzle of the lightning and the crash of the thunder. One woman was knocked out of her chair. Lightning also hit a power transformer and knocked out power for a few minutes in south Mexico. More thunderstorms are predicted tonight with severe ones in the west. ... A box car of lumber in an eastbound Wabash freight train caught fire early this morning and the volunteer fire departments of Martinsburg and Wellsville spent several hours putting out the flames. The car was separated from the train and put on a siding at Martinsburg at 3:15 a.m. About 50 percent of the lumber was damaged, according to Wabash officials at Mexico. The brakes on the car apparently stuck and set fire to the floor of the boxcar, trainmen said. A heavy rain shower about 7 a .m. helped put out the remaining fire. ... Highway 54, just east of the Mexico city limits, was blocked for a brief time yesterday afternoon by 200 bales of hay which toppled off a truck when a rear-dual wheel came off. Later, it was discovered that the lug bolts had sheared off, the highway patrol reported. The load of hay fell off on a curve by the M&K Drive-in Restaurant and most of it fell to the north side of the road, alongside the Mexico Country Club grounds. ... The brick chimney was about all that was left of the old Daniel schoolhouse, northwest of Mexico in Audrain County, when the rural fire department arrived. They received an alarm that the building was afire at 12:20 this morning. Cause of the fire is unknown, Fire Chief Tom Merritt said. The building had been unused for two years. Firemen said desks and other equipment had been removed from the building. ... Now showing at the Liberty Theatre: "The Music Man' with Robert Preston, Shirley Jones and Buddy Hackett."
25 Years Ago
"An ordinance that would lower the speed limit on Highway 54 to 45 mph from Route JJ to the east city limits is the sole item of business on tonight's City Council agenda. City Manager Mark Pentz said there have been several near collisions along this section of roadway when Optec D.D. U.S.A. employees have attempted to make left turns from Highway 54 onto Littleby Road. ... With Bulldog girls finishing second and boys fourth, Saturday was a good day for Mexico High School cross country runners at the Marshall Invitational. 'All our kids ran good races, none of them was poor,' Bulldog coach Don Green observed. The meet was the second of the season for Mexico. Mexico girls took a back seat only to Warrensburg, defending state champions. Melissa Kropf was the only Bulldog to place in the top 10, coming in third in 20 minutes, 29 seconds over 3.1 miles (5,000 meters) at Indian Hills Golf Course. Brian Durham and Mark Miller gave the Bulldogs two pairs of fleet fee to follow in the other varsity race. Durham placed fourth in 17:06 and Miller fifth in 17:11. ...The weatherman provided an ideal day for workers from the Mexico United Methodist Church who gathered at 6 a.m. Saturday at the Elmer Foree home at 1330 N. Kentucky, where the late L. Buford Thomas originated the annual project in the early 1960s. The apples must cook for eight hours before they become apple butter. The church group cooked 46 bushels of apples this year, providing 327 pints and 256 quarts of the tasty treat, which will be sold at the church's annual bazaar on Dec. 3 and 4. Mr. Thomas, former superintendent of the Mexico Public Schools, enjoyed the apple butter-making project held at his home each autumn and after he and his wife sold their home to the Forees and moved to Monett in 1974, he returned to renew the time-honored tradition at this time ever year before his death in 1983. ... Sky got spooky dark for a while there Monday afternoon. ... Corn sure looks ready for harvest. ... Mexico's Kirk Ekern played a heck of a game Saturday. He was credited with three unassisted and seven assisted tackles in the Mizzou Tiger victory over Baylor. ... Centralia's Mike Troyer is listed as a walk-on freshman outside linebacker on the Tiger roster. ... Corps of Engineers officials announced Tuesday night that a local water commission is close to receiving the authority to utilize the Mark Twain Lake as a source of potable water for the area, and a feasibility study will decide the fate of a proposed third marina at the 18,600-acre lake. ... Kiwanis Club members will be out on street corners peddling their peanuts Saturday morning in Mexico."
10 Years Ago
"The lights went out here Friday night in Eldon in the second quarter, but fortunately for the Mexico Bulldogs their drive and determination to post their first varsity football victory of the season didn't go dim down the stretch. Deadlocked at 6-6 in their first meeting ever with the host Mustangs, the Bulldogs scored what proved to be the game-winning touchdown just six seconds into the fourth quarter, then denied Eldon a chance to come back by putting together an impressive march covering nearly eight minutes before crossing the goal line again with only eight seconds remaining. 'Yes, that was a great fourth-quarter drive,' Mexico High School coach Todd Beck said proudly. 'Defensively, we had our backs to the wall early; the whole third quarter, Eldon had some good scoring opportunities, but our kids stiffened up on defense and did well offensively, then the fourth quarter the offense really took over." ... The annual Soybean Festival, held in the Mexico Village Square on Friday and Saturday, hosted an array of entertainment and festivities. Despite some of the harsh elements on Saturday, organizers of the festival called the event 'a success.' Minutes before the 10 a.m. parade on Saturday, one of the stores on the square, Fins and Feathers Pet Store, caught on fire. The fire delayed the parade almost 90 minutes. 'We ended up having to shorten some of the other events to try and get back on schedule, but we made it work well,' said Soybean Festival co-chair Sara Householder. Around 3 p.m., steady rainfall caused the cancelation of two events, the pie-eating contest and a Show-Me Gymnastics demonstration. 'I think we did real well considering some of the circumstances,' said Householder."

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