Report from Sept. 24, 2012 regular council meeting

A public hearing was held Monday night before the regular monthly Mexico City Council meeting to discuss and consider a change to sanitary sewer user rates. Mexico residents could soon see an increase in their monthly sewage bill.
The hearing provided council and the public with both background and future planning information for making necessary capital improvements to the wastewater treatment facility and collection system.
The 10-year financial projection includes wastewater rates required to cover costs associated with operations, maintenance and capital projects currently underway and forthcoming, addressing both capacity and compliances in the city's wastewater treatment operation.
Staff provided the following comparison between current and proposed rates:
The current basic sewage charge is $6.62/month, with a monthly user charge of $.67/100 cubic feet. The updated basic sewage charge would increase the basic charge to $7.42/month, with the user charge being $.75/100 cubic feet.
Mexico resident Mrs. Larry D. Thompson complained about a recent smell coming from the sewage system and the inconsistent cost for the service. Thompson said she would like to see a set rate for everyone. City staff addressed her concerns, and the hearing closed. During the regular monthly meeting, council heard the first reading of an ordinance to amend the charges. Should the ordinance be approved, the monthly charges for the residential classifications will be based on the average monthly billing of water usage during the immediate preceding four-month period for the months of December to March.
New residents or residences without a water meter history shall be billed based on 700 ccf until the four-month period is available for averaging. Commercial, public authority and industrial charges shall be based on 100 percent of the monthly metered water used, except as otherwise provided in the city code. Users of the utility system located outside the city's limits shall be billed at a rate of 125 percent of rates established for user types based on monthly metered water flow received from those flow contributors.
In other business, the council heard the second-reading of an ordinance adopting the 2013 operating and capital budget for the City of Mexico – which was approved 4-0 by councilmen Chris Williams, Steve Nichols, Greg Miller and Mayor Ron Loesch. Councilman Dan Botts was absent. The public hearing and first reading consideration for the ordinance was given on Sept. 10.
Council approved a resolution authorizing an agreement with Missouri Life for requested funding ($10,200) from the Mexico Tourism tax, with a 3-1 vote. Councilman Williams thinks the dollar amount is too costly and that there are not enough tourism activities in Mexico to support advertising year-round. Though the magazine puts "Mexico and other area events out there consistently," Williams asked staff to look for other (less costly) alternatives to promote Mexico in the future.
A resolution for an agreement with Hoefer Wysocki Architects LLC was postponed for council to get questions and concerns answered regarding building the city's comprehensive plan.
Mexico Public Safety Chief Susan Rockett announced department promotions at the beginning of the council meeting recognizing the following officers: Officer Jim Day was promoted to detective, and officers Russell Sing, Darren Price and William Johnson each were promoted to sergeant.
"We are very proud of you and your service to the community. Thank You," Mayor Loesch told the officers.