Column published September 25, 2012 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"Mexico businesses met at the Elks Lodge Monday evening, and decided to hold another big sales week during October. There were quite a number of merchants present and the universal opinion was, though the last sale was not all that was expected of it, another trial, under better conditions would undoubtedly get greater results. The exact date of the next sale has not been decided upon at this time. There is some money in the treasury so the finances of the movement are in much better shape than on the initial trial."
50 Years Ago
"An ordinance introduced at the city council meeting last night to limit the number of licenses issued for beer taverns and package liquor stores in Mexico got unanimous approval of the councilmen on its first and second readings. The bill would limit the number of such businesses in accordance with the population of the city. The ordinance allows one package liquor store for every 1,500 persons, or a total of 9 for the present population (12,889 1960 census). With 8 such licensed stores now, there is room for one more."
25 Years Ago
"Ledgerland farmers take note: Pages 1 and 12 of today's paper were printed using a new ink based on soybean oil. Soy oil is being tested as a substitute for petroleum-based oil, the main ingredient in news ink. That's good news for farmers – and for newspaper readers who have complained about petroleum-based ink ruboff over the years. Early test results from several newspapers show that soy oil performs as well as petroleum oil, if not better. Although the soy ink still is too expensive for regular use, the tests reveal that it has less ruboff, better 'mileage' on the press and good laydown characteristics. More testing is scheduled at other newspapers to see how the soy ink performs over time."
10 Years Ago
"Mexico's Sunset Festival continues Thursday for the last time in the month of September with Harvest Moon. Festival chairwoman Mary Thomas says this week will be 'a step back in time' and will feature historical displays and store owners and entertainers in period dress. Members of the Audrain County Historical Society will be in historical garb to promote their County Fair on Saturday. They will also be holding a staged hold-up on the square at 6 p.m. There will also be an exhibit of more than 50 historical pictures of Mexico. In addition to history, Thursday's event will feature many musicians.
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