September 27, 2012

Word of the Day
Veridical vuh-RID-ih-kul (adj.) Truthful, veracious; not illusory, genuine -
Website of the Day
Tourism & Biodiversity
Today is World Tourism Day, so head to this official website from the World Tourism Organization. The theme of this year's annual event is Tourism and Sustainable Energy.
Number to Know
1.6 million: Tourists that are expected worldwide by 2020, according to the World Tourism Organization. In 2006, there were 842 million tourists.
This Day in History
Sept. 27, 1964: The Warren Commission releases its report, concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, assassinated President John F. Kennedy.
Today's Featured Birthday
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow (40)
Daily Quote
"The most powerful argument of all for saving open space is economics; in most states, tourism is the number two industry." - Jim Fowler