Report from Sat., Oct. 13 match

The rain held off Saturday morning during the cross country conference match held at Green's Estate Park and the Bulldogs Boys DXC team capitalized on home advantage - winning the conference team title. They also had four runners out of seven to make all-conference, including two freshmen, while the girls had two all-conference medalists.
It was a good day for MHS Coach John Wilbers' teams. This is the sixth consecutive year, the boys varsity team has won the conference title. "We have also had 'all conference' girls every year since then (2007)," said coach Wilbers.
This year Maddie Prince and Zori Holman were all-conference (top 14), for the girls. Because these girls are so consistently strong it may look easy, but Wilbers says it is really a tough challenge. Zori Holman got out to a particularly fast and early lead, but fell back a bit at the second mile. Conversely, Prince worked her way up from about 20th place to 10th by the second mile... and kept steadily reeling in the competitors to finish fifth overall. "Everyone was excited for them to medal, but this match up also gives us a positive outlook for the girls chances of making it to state at the District Competition (Oct 27)," said the MHS coach.
On the boys championship side, they set the goal early this year to win the conference again as a team and have really pulled together to encourage and push each other to be a great team. But they surpassed even those high expectations with the way they raced on Saturday. "We were really in a very close race with Moberly and Hannibal, each and every score mattered as those teams had lots of fast runners and were definitely out to take back the NCMC from Mexico. Two members of our team were hurting quite a bit though, so as impossible as it seemed, the rest of our team had to move up and run even faster," said Wilbers. Freshmen Malik Holman and Jordan Jones both had tremendous races, taking early positions high in the pack and holding it. Both Raven Twenter and Alex Shaw moved up throughout the race to close the gap on opposing teams. "Watching all these guys run was gut wrenching because you could tell how much they wanted it and how they were digging deep to give everything they had," stated Wilbers.
Jenny McCarthy of Fulton was the conference individual winner with 19:55.88. For the boys Kirksville's Andrew Gordon was the individual winner with a time of 16:67.56
5 Maddie Prince ,sophomore, 22:12 M
11 Zori Holman, junior, 23:07 M
21 Danielle Bohr, senior, 25:15
24 Dyneshia Shivers, junior, 25:44
25 Rachael Hightshoe, freshman, 26:04
31 Lauren Ransom, sophomore, 27:58
1 Moberly 53
2 Kirksville 55
3 Hannibal 59
4 Mexico 70
5 Boonville 115
2 Malik Holman, freshman, 17:36.45 M
6 Alex Shaw, junior, 18:18.32 M
11 Jordan Jones, freshman, 18:48.14 M
14 Raven Twenter, sophomore, 19:13 M
16 Jake Vitale, senior, 19:36
20 Sam Fayad, junior, 20:10
21 Haden Hobbs, junior, 20:16
1 Mexico 49
2 Moberly 55
3 Hannibal 64
4 Kirksville 119
5 Fulton 140
6 Booneville 140 * tie breaker
7 Marshall 143
13 Spencer Freeman, junior, 20:31
4 Drew Slay, senior, 20:45.
6 Micah Gwinn, freshman, 21:10
7 Logan Anselmi, freshman, 21:18
9 Alex Hamilton, sophomore, 21:36
10 Dakota McGrath, junior, 21:37
11 Zach George, senior, 21:54
12 Darrin Taylor, freshman, 21:58.
13 Brad Hutchinson, sophomore, 22:29
14 Dalton Wilson, senior, 23:51
25 Christiana Jordan, freshman, 32:24.20
26 Payton Samuelson, freshman, 38:26.00