Layne Ray and Kaylee Stone in state championship tournament

Two Mexico High School standout golfers Layne Ray and Kaylee Stone participated in the state championship tournament Monday and Tuesday in New Bloomfield.
This was a great experience for the two girls. "I am very proud of the way they approached this challenge, they were relaxed and excited. They both had the goal to shoot at their average, and under the pressure of the state tournament and playing on a new and very challenging course, this was a very good goal," stated MHS coach Lindsey Yancey. "It is very difficult to shoot on average on the state course, which is longer than we are used to playing and usually at a higher difficulty level," added the coach.
Both Ray and Stone had a day where they were right on what they have done this season, and then a day that was higher than average. "What I find most accurately shows the character of these two girls is the fact that they walked, carrying their golf bags, three days in a row," said Yancey. They played the entire practice round on Sunday on foot when many others had carts, and took it very seriously, then came back the next two days with the exact same attitude. "I have said all year that this golf team has a great work ethic, from top to bottom, and this is the upperclassmen yet again modeling that work ethic that has gotten us so far this year. We were very excited to represent Mexico at this level of competition and next year hope to send more players," said the coach.
Ray placed 35th with a first round score of 91 and a second round 102 with a total of 193. Stone placed 68th with 115, 99 and a total of 214. There were 89 individuals in the competition according to MSHAA's website.