Patients undergoing cancer treatment often seek massage therapy at Lake Regional Health System to help reduce stress and encourage the healing process.

Who can get a massage at Lake Regional Health System?
Although a doctor’s order is not required, if you are under a physician’s care for a serious illness, like cancer, it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor first. Massage therapy is intended to compliment other treatments you may be receiving.

How can massage therapy help people undergoing cancer treatment?
Massage offers great benefits for cancer patients, including reducing pain, insomnia and fatigue. Massage also helps individuals manage the emotional stress and anxiety, and some of the physical issues, that cancer patients often encounter when they undergo radiation or chemotherapy. And perhaps most important, it helps boost the immune system. Studies have indicated massage therapy also may lower cancer re-occurrence rates.

Is the massage therapist trained for treating cancer patients?
Yes. Lake Regional’s massage therapists have completed specialized continuing education courses that have prepared them to meet the special needs of cancer patients.

Lake Regional has two licensed massage therapists, located in the Rehab Therapy Department, who are available Monday through Saturday by appointment. Learn more online at