April 2013 will mark 13 years since one lake area real estate agent received news that changed her life forever. Bobbi Bash became a statistic, a breast cancer patient. After surgery a month later, she officially became a breast cancer survivior.

Bash has always had fibrocystic disease and going to a specialist was nothing new. When a lump appeared on her breast, she figured it was just another cyst.

The doctor insisted that he biopsy the lump, which came back positive for cancer. "He said, 'We need to talk about what we are going to do,' " Bash recalled.

Bash's cancer did not show up on a mammogram and would not have been found so quickly if she had not been proactive. "People need to take charge of their own bodies," she said. To this day, she is a strong believer in self exams.

Bash underwent surgery in May of 2000 and has been cancer free since. Now, she spends her time giving back to her community and raising cancer awareness.

Bash recently returned from Florida and "got a wild hare" while she was in the airport. She spotted a woman wearing a bright pink wig and thought, "I should get everyone at the lake wearing pink wigs." Within two weeks her unique idea became reality.

The response to her pink wig idea was nothing short of overwhelming. "There are 300 pink wigs running around the lake," Bash said. Her goal for the pink wigs was to simply raise awareness.

The more wigs, the more opportunities to talk about breast cancer. "It's all about awareness," Bash added. 21 lake area businesses plus other individuals donned the wigs from Oct. 22 through 26.

Bash hopes to grow the pink wig campaign in the future.

Cancer touches the lives of so many. Bash hopes her efforts raise awareness for the disease and helps gives hope to those who find themselves in a similar situation as she was in almost 13 years ago.