Teams boast 10 state qualifiers, boys are district champions

The weather Saturday was chilly and crisp at Warrenton for the Class 3 Cross Country District race, but the Bulldogs Cross Country teams were hot. The boys team took first-place in district and will be sending the team (seven runners) to state competiton and the girls finished third with three runners receiving medals and are state-qualifers.
"Going into the District we were favored as a top three boys team and also had several girls ranked in the top 20. But you never know what will happen in the actual race, so the kids took nothing for granted and prepared to go all-out," said MHS coach John Wilbers.
The race turned out incredible, the kids have run well all year, but Saturday was spectacular. They looked strong throughout the race, even as some other top kids on other top teams began to show some fatigue. "Our kids looked like they came to run them off their feet. They were the best conditioned team on the line and every one of them ran flawlessly – surging when they should surge – striding when they should stride – challenging other runners when they should. It was the kind of performance you want to capture in a bottle because you don't want it to end," stated Wilbers.
In the girls race the team was led by captain Maddie Prince, who finished eighth place (top 15 make all district and qualify to run at state). Coming off mild injuries throughout the year, Zori Holman and Jami Brandow ran the race of their season and also made all district. With the help of the other two varsity girls, that trio exceeded the rankings and earned third place overall in the district. That was the best girls team and total individual results in 10 years. The boys also blasted their way on to the scene earning four all district individual titles for Malik Holman, Jake Vitale, Alex Shaw and Jordan Jones. Ravin Twenter and Sam Fayad nearly medaled as well, missing the title by less than one second and five seconds respectively. This team ran incredibly, winning the district championship for the first time since 1991. A number of teams have gone to state in the meantime, most recently in 2009, but this team is certainly one of the strongest in a long time and have earned their accomplishment. It was really something to see two freshmen (Holman and Jones) make all district, and both boys Captains (Vitale and Shaw). Holman battled it out with the top three runners in the race most of the way to take second place overall. "Quite a awesome run," stated his coach. Most of these kids started running in the middle of the heat wave this summer on June 1. Training four to eight miles a day since then, the long miles of hard work have paid off for these well-deserving boys and girls. The 2012 MSHSAA Boys and Girls Cross Country Championships will be Nov. 3, 2012 Oak Hills Golf Center, Jefferson City. The girls begin at 9 a.m. and the boys at 10.

2 Holman, Malik freshman,17.26 M
7 Vitale, Jacob senior 18.32 M
11 Shaw, Alex junior 18.49 M
13 Jones, Jordan freshman 19.04 M
17 Twenter, Raven sophomore 19.19
20 Fayad, Sam junior 19.26
24 Hobbs, Haden junior 19.58

1 Mexico 50
2 St. Dominic 58
3 Hannibal 60
4 St. Charles West 89
5 Warrenton 131
6 St. Charles 143
7 Duchesne 182

8 Prince, Madeleine sophomore 22:07 M
10 Brandow, Jami junior 22:27 M
12 Holman, Zori junior 22:38 M
26 Bohr, Danielle senior 24:32
28 Hightshoe, Rachel freshman 24:35
38 Shivers, Dyneshia junior 25:49

1 St. Charles West 67
2 St. Dominic 75
3 Mexico 84
4 Warrenton 92
5 Duchesne 103
6 Hannibal 111
7 St. Charles 136