Report from Tuesday, Nov. 13 regular meeting

The Mexico City Council Tuesday night signed one resolution terminating its Compact Agreement with the Audrain City-County Health Unit, and approved two resolutions to enter into agreements with the YMCA and The Help Center to help them continue providing their community services.
The regularly scheduled Monday meeting was moved to Tuesday due to the Veterans Day holiday. The meeting opened with all four councilmen present. Mayor Ron Loesch was absent.
The city's contract with the Audrain City-County Health Unit will terminate Dec. 31, 2012. All members of the compact – the County of Audrain, the cities of Mexico and Vandalia and Audrain Medical Center – by their duly elected boards of directors agreed there is no need for the compact agreement to continue, due to the 2011 passage of the mil tax, which will be distributed starting Jan. 1, 2013.
The Compact Agreement had allowed the board of directors of the compact to provide financial support for public health and any other initiatives deemed applicable, and allow members to withdraw and dissolve upon the payment of all expenses and/or liabilities. The City of Mexico was the last partner of the compact agreement to withdraw.
The city's lease agreement with the YMCA is for expansion refinancing.
The City of Mexico and the Mexico Area Family YMCA entered into a lease agreement in August 1983, and the Commerce Bank Mexico Banking Center is requiring the City to confirm that the lease agreement is still in full force and effect, and that there has been only one amendment to modification to the lease agreement. The lease amendment was to extend the western boundary of the YMCA property by adding an additional 6 feet.
According to city staff, there have been no defaults under the terms of the lease agreement by the YMCA and the YMCA has been an excellent tenant and steward of its resources. The resolution authorizes the city manager to sign documents on behalf of the City of Mexico necessary for the YMCA expansion refinancing.
The Council also approved a resolution to enter into a $10,000 agreement with The Help Center, to help offset the agency's operational costs related to providing services to citizens.
According to city staff, the 2012-2013 budget allows for the City to contribute to The Help Center the sum of $10,000 for use in the offset of operational costs related to providing programs, activities and services to citizens. The City of Mexico has provided assistance to The Help Center in 2004 ($5,000) and continued a yearly support of $5,000 since 2010 and $10,000 in 2011.
"The City recognizes the many benefits provided by The Help Center to the city and its citizens and acknowledges the positive impact the Center has upon the community," Mayor Loesch noted in the agreement. "The City further recognizes the benefits associated with continuing the many programs, activities and services for the citizens provided by the Center."
The Help Center houses the local food pantry for Audrain County. Its main source of earned income is generated from the agency's onsite Thrift Store that sells used clothing and household items at little costs to families in need. Help Center Executive Director Gary Jones said "the non-profit organization offers assistance to the "working poor" to help them better their financial situation.
The newly approved resolution – which the council passed 4 to 0 – will help the agency continue its work.
In other business, the council heard and/or approved the following:
• a resolution authorizing the city manager to sign a change order with River City Construction for the WWTP Phase II Improvements. The resolution passed 4 to 0.
• the first reading by title only of an ordinance calling for and establishing the filing dates for the Municipal General Election to be held in 2013 to fill one three-year term on the Mexico City Council. Candidacy for the council seat will open from Dec. 11 through Jan. 15 and the general election day will be April 2, 2013.
• two readings by title only of an ordinance amending the Mexico City Code regarding motor vehicle and traffic (driving regulations and Article 10 schedules).
• two readings by title only of an ordinance amending the Fund Balance Policy for the City of Mexico. The government Finance Officers Association recommends that governments establish a formal policy on the level of unreserved fund balance that should be maintained in the General Fund. Under the GFOA "Best Practice Guide," staff recommends modifications on the original policy on how reserve levels are calculated and when reserve levels may be permitted to fall below established minimum reserve levels.
The fund balance policy presented to the council meets and/or exceeds recommendations by the GFOA in establishing unreserved or residual fund balance minimums. The policy sets forth unreserved fund balance minimums and goals for the general fund and residual fund balance minimums and goals for the Wastewater Operating Fund, Sanitation Fund, Parks and Recreation Fund, Public Health Fund, Airport Fund and other non-major funds. Complete copies of the policy are obtainable at City Hall.