I’m reading Shadow Out of Time by HP Lovecraft. I find his writing interesting. He masterfully describes the fear and dread that the ‘monsters’ in the protagonists in his novels, rather than their physical appearance. But I digress. Shadow Out of Time is about a race of highly intelligent creatures that existed on the ancient earth who use their technology to switch minds with future races in order their art, history, and science. This is an interesting concept to me because it takes away the need for a time machine in the classical since of the term. If one could simply switch bodies with someone or something in the past or future then the one wouldn’t have to worry about learning how to blend in with society. The host from that time period would presumably have most of what would be needed, clothing, money, housing, etc. Or switching bodies something from another planet (which is covered in the story) would be even more exciting. Imagine walking around another a city on another planet with out being noticed by its inhabitance? Looking at its cityscapes and gathering knowledge from its libraries would be so exciting!