At 6 p.m. Dec. 8, 1004 West Liberty Street, Mexico, Mo.

Area residents who know of a soldier who would like to be on the first come first serve list to receive a package for Christmas may contact Jay or Pat Jadav (573) 253-4100 or send an email to them at for inquiries.
"The public is invited to join us at 6 p.m. on Dec. 8 at Refuge Building, 1004 West Liberty Street for the third annual Soldier's Christmas Event. It will be a family night filled with candle light prayer for our troops, hear our soldier's experiences, and entertainment. Cookies and refreshments will be served," Pat Jadav said.
Following is a list of requested items for Troops:
Sports drinks (powder only); candy; snack crackers (Cheese-its; etc); Pringles potato chips (better for shipping); puzzles/jigsaw/crossword/playing cards; Band-Aids; Chapstick; baby wipes; chewing gum; cake icing (for cakes that are often donated without icing); books/magazines (new or used); dog treats (for bomb dogs).
Drop boxes bearing a list of items for troops are located at Graphitti, 224 W. Promenade Street and at Walmart, Bus. 54. To drop a card of thanks to our troops, be sure to not seal them, for security purposes.
"Anyone who would like to help with shipping may do so by making checks payable to Postmaster for any amount, or if you wish you may sponsor a box by making a check payable to Postmaster for $15.45," Jadav said.
Residents are asked to drop off checks and or letters of thanks at Graphitti weekdays during business hours before Dec. 8.