Anyone read Dean Koontz? More to the point, does anyone know the Odd Thomas quint? It’s one of Koontz’s most popular series about a man named Odd Thomas who has the ability to see (but not hear) the dead and a plethora of other psychic abilities. He lives a nomatic life, drifting from one place to another in order to help people for one reason or another.  I’ve read the first of the series, but none of the others. I just recently picked up a copy of the new one, Odd Thomas Apocalypse. It’s rather interesting. Odd is a guest at a huge estate, which almost seems like a castle, where he encounters strange things like rooming darkness that will appear in the middle of the day with a pack of monsters that hunt within the darkness. He also sees a double shadow to everything despite not being able to find a separate light source. The entire estate is always spotless despite Odd never seeing any servants cleaning. And Odd keeps seeing the ghost of a woman riding a horse. At any rate I am very much looking forward to this book.