Column published Dec. 3, 2012 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"The Audrain County Medical Society met in its regular meeting Monday night, at Dr. J.F. Harrison's office. After the program the following officers were elected: President, J.F. Harrison; vice presidents, R.T. Gibbs and R.W. Berry, secretary and treasurer, Dr. Strode. Paul Coil was elected to the board of censors for three years and R.T. Gibbs was elected delegate to the State Medical Meeting in St. Louis."
50 Years Ago
"More than six hundred persons attended the presentation of the Christmas portion of Handel's oratorio, "The Messiah" by the Community Chorus yesterday afternoon at the First Baptist Church. Music lovers said it was a "magnificent performance." Mrs. Thomas Reed was soprano soloist; Mrs. John M. Conner, mezzo-soprano; Miss Iola E. Bradley, contralto, the Rev. Donald E. Mayer, tenor; John A. Turner, bass soloist, was unable to take part in the performance, however, because of laryngitis. Guest organist for the concert was Perry Parrigan of Columbia."
25 Years Ago
"Three Mexico and Audrain County officials met Wednesday evening with the Missouri Emergency Response Commission to study recent legislation governing emergency planning and to clarify plans for a county emergency planning committee. Presiding Commissioner J.W. Toalson, Public Safety Director Don Bolli and Sheriff Stuart Miller joined about 40 officials from surrounding counties at the two-hour meeting. Chief Bolli also serves as Mexico's emergency management director. Representatives from the State Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Natural Resources were on hand to explain the ramifications of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act enacted by Congress in 1986. The act mandates that local emergency response plans be developed in all areas of the United States to address the hazards associated with toxic chemicals. It also requires reporting and cooperation by industries using those chemicals as a further aid to chemical-hazard control."
10 Years Ago
"Audrain Medical Center will be utilizing a mobile Computerized Tomography (CT) machine to continue services in preparation for a new state-of-the-art CT Unit. A mobile CT Unit parked outside the Emergency Department on Jackson Street will be used for Cat Scans. The temporary mobile units are necessary as construction for a new CT suite takes place during December."
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