Column published Dec. 4, 2012 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"Col. W.R. Nelson, owner of the Kansas City Star, was so pleased with Artist Chapi's report of Mexico and his sketches of the city that he has sent Mr. Schauffler, who writes the Missouri Notes for The Times in the absence of Steve O'Grady, to give the many interesting places in Mexico an extended writeup. Mr. Schauffler was the guest of The Ledger management on Wednesday visiting the Power Co. Plant, Rex McDonald and other places in the city."
50 Years Ago
"The 128th Field artillery 1st Howitzer Battalion headquarters of the Missouri National Guard here is apparently headed for new status under today's reorganization proposed by the defense department in Washington. But what the status of the local unit would become under the proposal, and whether or not the state will accept the proposal, or when – all these things remained unknown. The reorganization proposed from Washington would reform the 3th Division (Missouri and Kansas) into a brigade, but whether or not the 128th would be included as part of such a brigade, or be constituted a separate unit was not known."
25 Years Ago
"City natural gas customers may see an increase in their monthly bills beginning this month after members of the Paris City Council approved a $4.49 hike in the minimum cost of gas. During the council's session Tuesday night, the city's minimum gas charge was raised from $2.07 per month to $6.56. City Clerk Margaret Crigler said the increased revenue, estimated to be $2,600 a month and $31,200 annually, will allow the city to meet its natural gas bond payments and help keep the gas department in the black. Paris has an outstanding debt of $286,000 in both principal and interest for bonds used to construct the natural gas system in the 1960s. It costs the city an annual payment of $24,000 to retire the bonds, and payments will be made until 1999."
10 Years Ago
"The eight Memory Walks held in September and October throughout the 29-county area served by the Mid-Missouri Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association raised before than $170,000. Memory Walks were held in Columbia, Hannibal, Jefferson City, Kirksville, Pilot Grove, Sedalia, Slater and Warsaw. Mexico held a Week of Remembrances, and Glasgow held a day of special activities to raise money toward the successful goal. More than 1,645 individuals participated in the walks with over 91 teams competing for top dollars raised and most walkers on a team."
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