Paying it forward.

Yesterday was a "one of" milestone. Never again in the 21st century will the date numbers align. Was it a lucky day, as some soothsayers claimed? Well, from the perpective of the Uffda Lady it certainly was. On December 11th I received a call from a woman wondering if the Uffda Fund issued receipts for donations. I replied we do issue tax receipts as Uffda is a tax exempt non profit corporation. But this was not for tax purposes. The lady's sister, who lives and works in Devils Lake, was planning to give a Secret Santa gift to Uffda on behalf of a co-worker. This was her choice rather than a pair of gloves, a candle or a box of chocolates. So I made out a gift receipt so that the recipient would know her Secret Santa had given a gift to Uffda. The woman picked up the recipt yesterday,12/12/12, and took it to her sister's office in DL. Later when I walked  the collies to the post office to get our mail I found another donation to Uffda, from all the staff in Secret Santa's office. What a wonderful way of paying it forward. 12/12/12 was Uffda's lucky day.