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By James Jarman
Jim Jarman, Agronomy Specialist
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Dec. 17, 2012 4:31 p.m.

It is the time of year when county Extension Councils across Missouri prepare for county Extension Council elections. Not like full time County government positions, county Extension programs are directed by elected and appointed community members who meet once and occasionally twice a month. Anyone wanting to serve their County but only have a few hours a month, can become a member of their County Extension Council. No matter how Missourians have had contact with University of Missouri Extension in the past, future success depends on having quality educational programs open to every Missourian. Extension Council members help plan, direct and oversee county extension programs, activities and services.
County extension councils are mandated by state law and are the governing body for local educational opportunities provided through the Extension Center. Council members work with Extension faculty in making decisions concerning extension programming, personnel, council elections and the local extension budget.
The reasons citizens have served on University of Missouri’s Extension county councils are as varied as the people themselves. They may have used the resources of University Outreach and Extension in the past. They understand the contribution MU Extension makes with the help of involved citizens from extension workshops on agriculture, gardening, economic household and small business management, nutrition, community development and youth programs especially 4-H.
Call your County Extension Center for more information on Extension programs and council membership opportunities, look on the web at: http://outreach.missouri.edu/(your county name) or email your County Extension at: (yourcountyname)co@missouri.edu. If a council member calls and says you would be a good council member, give it a try.
Source: Jim Jarman, Agronomy Specialist 573-642-0755.

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