One year ago (almost): the introduction

When we transitioned to the new website, almost a full year of old posts was lost. I'll be re-posting some of them. This was my introductory post.

I’m really excited about the chance to have my own soapbox to talk about my favorite subject: bicycling and walking. I started biking for transportation 8 years ago when we became a one-car family. I bicycled for convenience. I didn’t expect to love it! And we never did buy that second car.

Here are just a few things I love about bicycling.

Freedom from parking tickets, gas, car payments, insurance payments, parking fees, traffic congestion, and searching for a parking space. Safety. So many young people in my life have tragically died in cars. I feel safer when my daughter and I are on bicycles. Health. The first year I biked, I lost 25 pounds without dieting. This isn’t uncommon—average weight loss for bicycle commuters is 12 pounds. You don’t have to start out skinny to be a cyclist. You might not end up skinny either—but you will end up healthier. Low cost. I love not having a car payment! When the price of gas rises, my savings increase, and I feel like I’m making more money. The ego trip. I have to admit, I love being admired for biking in all kinds of crazy weather, or for biking crazy long distances. Bicycling feeds my over-large ego! Educational. As a new cyclist I had so much to learn about bicycles. Nowadays, I’m learning about government and policy. When I was in high school, I would never have believed that government and politics are so exciting!

I look forward to “meeting” the Kirksville Daily Express readers, and maybe seeing some of you on foot or on bicycles around town!

My "before" and "after". It's subtle. My tiny niece was such a dolly!