Mexico has seven players in double figures

The Mexico Lady Bulldogs won their first round in the Warrior Winter Shootout Monday at Warrenton High School in a lopsided win against the Sumner Lady Bulldogs 100-8.
Mexico kept Sumner to four points in the first and second quarters and scoreless in the second half of the game.
Mexico had seven players in double figures with Karen Baker leading the way with 13, followed by Ashlie Woodruff and Kaitlin Ingrum with 12 points each, Brooke Costley scored 11 and Kelli Ingrum and Alison Mudd added 10 points each.
Mexico shot 59 percent from the field and 100 percent from the free throw line. They also brought down more than 64 percent of the rebounds.
Mexico plays again at 6 p.m. Wednesday against Francis Howell North who beat Warrenton 62-44 on Monday.
MEXICO: 28-33-19-20
SUMNER: 4-4-0-0
Riley Greenwell: 6P, 1 assist.
Brooke Costley 11 P, 8 assists, 4RB, 5 steals.
Remi Greenwell 10P, 1 assist, 1RB, 1 steal.
Ashlie Woodruff: 12P, 8 assists, 4RB, 5 steals.
Kaitlin Ingrum: 12P, 2 assists, 3RB, 7 steals.
Karen Baker: 12P, 1 assist, 2 steals.
Kelli Ingrum: 10P, 4RB.
Alison Mudd: 10P, 2 assists, 2RB, 1 steal.
Cassie Schmidt: 4P, 3 assists, 3RB, 2 steals.
Anne Baker: 4P, 3 assists, 3RB, 2 steals.
Abby Gooch: 2P, 1RB, 1 steal.
Tori Shaw: 6P, 1RB, 1 steal.