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Thank you to "The Aunts"
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By Antonio Prokup
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Feb. 6, 2013 11:18 a.m.

January 8, 2013
Dear "The Aunts,"
What is it about Italian women that radiate love no matter where they are? I'm not sure
about all Italian women, but you, "the aunts," exhibit love and caring with every breath,
toward me.
Unfortunately, my Grunda's arms are not here for me any longer but I still feel them
every time one of you speaks to me or touches me. Something about being in your
presence gives me a warm, comfy, cozy, feeling; like being wrapped in an afghan in
front of a slow burning ?re in a ?replace. When you are near me I not only feel loved,
but respected and more importantly I feel there! Never have any of you totally ignored
my presence! Instead you seem to genuinely like me, ?aws and all. I can't tell you what
this means to me!
I know each of you have grandchildren of your own, but sometimes I feel you make a
special point to let me in that reserved spot in your heart. It is for all of that I would like
to take this time to thank you. When I am in each of your houses I feel peaceful and
safe; much like I always felt at Grundas. You always invite me, with no regret, into your
homes and lives as if I were just as important as anyone else. You all look at me with
love and touch me with caring hands. How I appreciate this gesture so much!
Yes, of course, you all can be loud when carrying on three conversations at once or
playing a game of cards, but for some reason I have always loved your voices and how
they blend together. I especially love to see you in the glow of the lights of our library at
home, when you come to visit. If I look carefully at each of you I can see Grunda. Aunt
Marguerite reminds me of Grunda in looks. Aunt Joanne in your seriousness of taking
care of business. Aunt Mary Edith in your love for adventure and Aunt Janie in your
love for nature. Blended all together makes a perfect memory for me. So Aunts, thank
you for always being there for me and allowing me to be different and still loved!
Your great nephew and on occasion grandson,

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