Column published Feb. 11, 2013

100 Years Ago
"If the Council accepts the proposition of E.R. Locke, of the Mexico Power Co. for a new lighting system in Mexico, we will have one of the best lighted towns in the state. At the Council meeting, Monday evening, he submitted the following proposition to be acted upon: The Mexico Power Co. will install and maintain 350 Mazda Street Series Lights in the business and residence districts of the city, located as follows: In the business section there will be 50 lights, 25-200 candle-power each, 15 to 100-candle power each, and 10-60-candle power. In the residents section, 300 lights will be in service. There will be 15 lights with 200-candle power each, 10 with 100-candle power and 275 with 60-candle power. The lights in the business section are to burn all night every night."
50 Years Ago
"Influenza pamphlets distributed by the Audrain Public Health Service, tells the symptoms and what to do for the Asian Flu. An outbreak of Asian Flu is reported on the eastern seaboard and is leapfrogging inland as far as Kansas. None has been reported yet in Missouri. In past epidemics vaccines are believed to have held down the epidemic, but in 1960 there were 26,700 deaths. Dr. Gordon Shaw, director of Audrain Public Health Service advises residents to see their own doctors about flu vaccine or for treatment if they have flu symptoms."
25 Years Ago
"Those Ledgerland ground-hogs which so easily saw their shadow 10 days ago and predicted an early spring were no doubt deep in their dens today. The mercury in Ledgerland thermometers had plunged to 9 degrees below zero by 7 a.m. today, according to the National Weather Service, and forecasts called for more cold temperatures Friday morning. Mexico officially received 4 inches of snow Wednesday, but many residents thought more had fallen at their homes."
10 Years Ago
"University of Missouri-Columbia freshman quarterback Brad Smith addressed more than 60 teens Friday evening at Victory Christian Fellowship Church. Smith talked about his experiences as a freshman, All-American Quarterback for the university, as well as the importance of this Christian faith.
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