Boys and girls teams travel to Boonville

The Mexico High School Lady Bulldogs had a good win Monday night in Boonville against the Lady Pirates in a NCMC conference game. The Lady Dawgs brought home at 55-49 victory increasing their record to 13-10 overall.
"We did a great job of managing the clock in the end, Karen Baker shot well from 3-point range and Brooke did a good job of breaking down defense on drive. Anne Baker battled injury to help us finish the game," said MHS coach Ed Costley. He said it was a great team effort once again and the Lady Dawgs found a way without the threes falling for them.
Brooke Costley led the team in scoring with 16 points. She also led in assists with 6, and rebounds with 4. Costley, Karen Baker and Anne Baker each had 3 steals. Karen Baker scored 14 points with 3 baskets from 3-point range.
Boonville: 11-8-23-7=49
Mexico: 14-11-16-14=55
Brooke Costley: 16P, 6 assists, 5RB, 3 steals.
Remi Greenwell: 7P, 1 assist, 1RB, 1 steal.
Ashlie Woodruff: 2 P, 1 RB.
Kaitlin Ingrum: 1 steal.
Karen Baker: 14P, 4RB, 3 steals.
Kelli Ingrum: 3P, 4 RB, 1 steal.
Alison Mudd: 5P, 2, assists, 1 RB, 2 steals.
Anne Baker: 6P, 3 assists, 2RB, 3 steals.
Tori Shaw: 2P, 2RB, 1 steal.
The Mexico High School Bulldogs continued on their winning streak traveling to Boonville Monday night to take on the Pirates in a NCMC conference and prevailed with a 60-45 victory. The two teams battled back and forth in the first period and the Bulldogs led after one quarter 13-11. Mexico went on a quick run in the second quarter and outscored the Pirates 20-10 in the second quarter to lead at the half 33-21. The Bulldogs continued to execute in the third quarter and led after 3 quarters 48-31. The Bulldogs finished off the Pirates in the fourth quarter for the third time this season to claim their 19th victory of the season.
Coach Brennan Scanlon was pleased how the Bulldogs buckled down in the second quarter and took care of business. "The Pirates gave us their best shot but we were able to make the second and third quarter runs. These two runs gave us room to execute our offensive sets and exploit opportunities to extend the lead. We struggled at the offensive end tonight but we made plays with our defense," stated Scanlon.
Jake Willer led the Bulldogs in scoring with 17 points, Jon Anderson and Jaeon Nunnelly had 15 points apiece, Jake Anderson 6 points, Cole Jaramillo 3 points, Matt Ridgway and James Norton each had 2 points.
The win allows the Bulldogs to move to a perfect 9-0 in the NCMC.
The Bulldogs will travel Friday night to Moberly to take on the Spartans in a big NCMC game. The junior varsity boys will tip off at 5 p.m. at Moberly Middle School. The junior varsity girls will tip off at 5 p.m. at Moberly High School, followed by varsity girls and varsity boys.
Mexico: 13-20-15-12=60
Boonville: 11-10-10-14=45
Jake Willer: 17P, 2 assists, 4 steals.
Jon Anderson: 15P, 2 RB, 2 assists.
Jaeon Nunnelly: 15P, 1 steal, 1 assist, 4RB.
Jake Anderson: 6P, 6RB, 5 assists, 2 blocks, 1 steal.
Cole Jaramillo: 3P, 1 steal, 3 assists, 2RB.
Skylar Harrington: 1 Rebound,
Matt Ridgway: 2P, 3RB, 1 assist, 1steal.
James Norton: 2P.
JUNIOR VARSITY: The JV team also won against the Priates 54-45.
Leading scorers for Mexico were: Kamden Ekern 9 points, Wesley Oetting, Tyler Bracht and James Norton, 8 points each, D'Milo Nunnelly, Markail Williams and Malik Holman, 7 points each.
The Bulldogs, 10-3 on the season play Friday at Moberly.