Every team over the finish line in Fairbanks is a winner in the Yukon Quest.

Susie Rogan cheered on her team of tired but exultant dogs are she finished in ninth position at 1:53AM today AkST. What an amazing accomplishment for this rookie Yukon Quester! Now she moves into the ranks of veteran mushers. with the likes of Allen Moore, Hugh Neff, Jake Berkowitz and her partner Hans Gatt, holder of the fast Quest ever record and 4 time winner. Some teams are still on the trail but each one who crosses the finish line is a winner. Way to go!!

The dogs are key to success for each musher. They receive the best food and lots of it; excellent veterinary staff is at every check point on the trail to insure their continuing good condtion. Any dog with fatigue and other signs of stress is pulled out of harness and replaced with another. Susie finished with 11 of her dogs. Unfortunately another musher, Jake Berkowitz lost his dog General to intestinal volvulus. Despite immediate care, General succumbed during the air-lift to Whitehorse. Sympathies to Jake for the loss of his valued teammate.

You can see a video of Susie and other highlites from the 2013 YQ on Youtube.