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by Antonio Prokup
For Troy Templeton
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By Antonio Prokup
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Feb. 17, 2013 11:15 a.m.

Death brings sadness and joy.
Sadness because our friend and father is gone,
Joy ----because he shared his life with us.
Troy, the food lover, stays healthy always.
Riding motorcycles like the wind.
His doo-rag tightly tied on his head,
He stops only to devour a great meal.
Preferably an Italian meal!
When he needs a rest, hell stop and watch Samantha play ball,
Michael climbing trees,
Christina acting like only Christina can act.
The radio plays a song he knows his family would love,
Knowing at the end of his ride, Becky will always be waiting.
Riding into heaven makes this the most ultimate ride ever.

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