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  • MU Extension provides list of online winter weather resources

  • For coping before, during and after winter storms
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  • COLUMBIA, Mo.– MU Extension has compiled a list of websites, extension publications, news releases and other online resources for coping before, during and after winter storms.
    MU Extension news releases
    Advice for safe snow shoveling: http://extension.missouri.edu/news/DisplayStory.aspx?N=1032.
    Elderly at special risk during frigid weather: http://extension.missouri.edu/news/DisplayStory.aspx?N=632
    MU expert recommends precautions to avoid frozen pipes: http://extension.missouri.edu/news/DisplayStory.aspx?N=631
    Winter power outages can lead to generator concerns: http://extension.missouri.edu/news/DisplayStory.aspx?N=1033
    Ice dams on the roof can damage your home: http://extension.missouri.edu/news/DisplayStory.aspx?N=637
    -MU Extension Community Emergency Management Program (CEMP) http://extension.missouri.edu/cemp
    -CEMP severe winter weather Web links http://extension.missouri.edu/main/DisplayCategory.aspx?C=261#websites
    -MU Extension winter weather publications http://extension.missouri.edu/publications/seasons/winter.aspx
    Publications include:
    EMW1001, Disaster Recovery Resources for Missouri Families http://extension.missouri.edu/p/EMW1001
    EMW1012, Disaster Supplies Kit http://extension.missouri.edu/p/EMW1012
    G6867, First Aid for Storm-Damaged Trees http://extension.missouri.edu/p/G6867
    GH5117, Preparing for an Emergency: Home Heating in an Emergency http://extension.missouri.edu/p/GH5117
    GH5118, For the Unprepared: Home Heating in an Emergency http://extension.missouri.edu/p/GH5118
    See also: http://extension.missouri.edu/main/DisplayCategory.aspx?C=261#publications
    MU Extension –MissouriFamilies - Coping with Disaster feature articles http://missourifamilies.org/features/copingarticles/
    Other resources
    Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) resources http://eden.lsu.edu/Topics/Hazards/SnowIce/
    University of Illinois Extension Winter Storm Resource Center: http://urbanext.illinois.edu/winter/
    National Weather Service: Winter Weather Safety and Awareness http://www.weather.gov/os/winter/

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