Column published Feb. 22, 2013 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"With the arrival, shortly, of E.W. Rusk, the new Audrain County Farm Advisor, Dr. J.W. Conaway State Hog Cholera Expert, announced here Friday afternoon, he would start a systematic fight against this disease in Audrain and not halt until it had been completely eradicated from the County. He would leave Audrain in such shape that whenever cholera should start in the future the Farm Advisor could take it in hand at once and confine it to the spot where it first appeared without danger of it spreading. In the counties that have Farm Advisors the state is making an extra effort to give every assistance possible so the people will appreciate just what such a man can accomplish. In speaking of Mr. Rusk, Dr. Conaway referred to him as one of the most capable men the school has ever turned out."
50 Years Ago
"LeRoy Werner, Audrain County Recorder, has been named as fundraising chairman for the annual May campaign for Cerebral Palsy. Mr. Werner, who was present at last night's meeting of the Audrain County CP chapter, was introduced by Julian C. Stoy, president of the organization. Other fund-raising activities announced last night include a bake sale by the Mothers Club of the CP School, to be held Saturday, March 16, at 103 W. Monroe St.; and a spring rummage sale planned for Saturday, April 6. Mr. Stoy appointed Mrs. Lon J. Lewis, Mrs. A.E. Eddy and Mrs. J.E. Strobel as a committee in charge of the rummage sale. They will be assisted by the Mothers Club, of which Mrs. H.K. Walker is president. Lester Meeks, president of the Central Missouri Cerebral Palsy chapter and area vice president of Missouri, will attend the 13th annual conference of United Cerebral Palsy, Inc., at the Sheraton-Jefferson Hotel in St. Louis, March 7, 8 and 9. Teachers from the Mexico CP School who will also attend the sessions are Mrs. Jac LaFon, Mrs. Ezra Meckley Jr. and Miss Gwendolyn West."
25 Years Ago
"In an attempt to provide improved banking service for customers and improve commercial standing, three affiliate Commerce Banks will participate in the formation of a new bank to serve central Missouri, it was announced Friday. Banks participating under the new operational and financial structure will include Commerce Bank of Mexico, Commerce Bank of Moberly and Commerce Bank of Columbia. The merger will result in assets of about $250 million. Stephen Erdel, president of Commerce Bank of Mexico, said Commerce's Mexico Bank has assets of about $90 million. After the merger – with current plans to make the new Commerce Bank fully operational by Aug. 1 – Columbia will benefit from branch banking, allowing for banking transactions at any of the nine locations of the new bank. Commerce Bank of Columbia merged with the Commerce affiliate in Tipton on Jan. 1, 1986. 'More and more of our customers want to know how we can do a better job for them,' Mr. Erdel said in a news release. He added that 'with the new bank formed, we'll do that and more. We're confident that all of our customers will immediately see the positive impact of this innovative move. They certainly will feel the enthusiasm we all have for gaining this competitive advantage.' Likewise, the merger will increase loan limits, which Mr. Erdel said will enable the bank to better serve commercial growth in the area."
10 Years Ago
"Brookstone publicly announced on Friday a $16.5 million expansion to its National Distribution and Customer Service Center in Mexico. 'We are both pleased and excited to share the good news that Brookstone has made a decision to partner again with the City of Mexico to grow our center,' said Ranny Welton, Operational Vice President of Distribution. 'This 16.5 million dollar investment represents our platform to position Brookstone to accommodate future growth that will benefit both Brookstone and Mexico.' The announcement was attended by City officials, local business leaders, many who said they welcomed the good news. The City of Mexico will consider issuing a $16.5 million Industrial Development Revenue Bond at Monday night's Council meeting to help Brookstone finance the expansion. Chapter 100 of the Missouri State Statutes allows cities to purchase or construct industrial projects with bond proceeds and lease or sell the project to a company. Under the proposal, the City will refinance the current Brookstone building and fund the expansion and lease the project to Brookstone for the term of the bonds."
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