Column published Feb. 25, 2013 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"Harry Yankee; a lineman, employed by the Missouri and Kansas Telephone Co. here, was seriously injured Monday afternoon when he fell from a cable, about thirty feet in the air, to the ground. Yankee, whose home is in Sedalia, was assisting in taking down the old telephone wires and cables near the Wabash station when the cable, unable to bear his weight, snapped in two. His hip was broken and he was badly bruised."
50 Years Ago
"A district meeting of Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service committee members is being held in the Liberty Theatre today. Claude Bowles, state ASC executive director, and the state committee are conducting the meeting. Attending are about 350 persons including county and community committee members and representatives of related farm agencies from all over northeast Missouri. The committee members were to be told some of their duties and responsibilities, and Mr. Bowles was expected to explain the new wheat program."
25 Years Ago
"The six candidates seeking seats on the Mexico City Council generally agree that the city needs to continue its policy of hiring an economic development director and an assistant city manager, free refuse service for residents over age 65 should be continued, the city would benefit from hiring a full-time mechanic to work on city-owned vehicles, and officials have not been too eager in their efforts to locate a new industry in the Industrial Park. Candidates for the two seat ons on the City Council are George Irion, David E. Adams, Edward L. Hines, Phillip E. Griffith, Tom Hoer and Robert Marty."
10 Years Ago
"As hundreds of thousands of military men and women are being called to active duty or deployed overseas, the Audrain-Montgomery County Chapter of the American Red Cross wants to remind the public that one of the organization's main functions is to provide 'military messages.' 'We want to realign thinking so people know why the Red Cross exists. There are three things a Red Cross is federally mandated to do, and number one is helping the military 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,' said local Red Cross Chairman John Matthews."
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