The Missouri Tigers lost a game they very easily could have and should have won on Saturday night as they lost to Kentucky in overtime.  The Tigers were led in scoring by Phil Pressey who also led them to defeat.  I readily admit that had it not been for Mr. Pressey the Tigers never would have gotten to overtime to begin with and Kentucky would have easily won the game in regulation.  However, once the overtime period started the other Phil Pressey reared his ugly head and started taking stupid shots and playing out of control basketball.  It’s interesting that his name is Pressey because he was definitely pressing during the overtime period.  However, he may have been under the impression that he had to do everuthing since very little was done during the game to disprove that theory.  The Missouri Tigers have too much talent to play the way they played Saturday night which was to let Phil Pressey do most of the work.  There was way too much standing around and stupid fouls along with some bade officiating that led to Missouri getting themselves into the position they were in.  The game against Kentucky was very winnable and Missouri should have won but they just simply didn’t do it.  Missouri next travels to South Carolina on Thursday. 

The Truman State basketball teams both came home from Jefferson City on Saturday with victories over Lincoln.  The men had one of their better games of the season in my opinion while the women had a little tougher game as the Lincoln women were hanging on for dear life.  Both teams are scheduled to travel to Warrensburg on Wednesday for games with Central MO. 

Both Kirksville High School basketball teams are back in action this week as they begin district play in Mexico.  With the impending snowstorm that is supposed to hit the area later on today it may be an interesting week as far as getting these games in but when they finally do get all the games in I fully expect the KHS girls to bring home another district title. 

Congratulations are in order for Jimmie Johnson who hung on to win the Daytona 500 yesterday.  However, I don’t like Jimmie Johnson so I’m not going to congratulate him.  Instead I’m going to say that Dale Earnhart JR. should have won and that Danica Patrick did very well by finishing 8th in the most prestigious NASCAR race od the year. 

We’ll be back on Wednesday with a much longer blog looking at the rest of the week in sports and catching up with a few things we don’t have time to cover today.  As always your comments are welcome and please take the time to read the other blogs on this site.

Stay safe!