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In less than a week Mexico has been hit with its second major snowstorm dumping 7 inches of snow this morning, causing multiple closings including schools, businesses, doctors' offices and postponement of many activities today.
This morning's snowfall piled onto the 8 inches remaining from Thursday's storm, brought ground totals to 15 inches in Mexico.
Police have been out helping stranded motorists. The city crews who were still working on removing snow as late as Monday morning, had the tremendous task of cleaning the streets for motorists again this morning.
In addition, the heavy, wet snow downed numerous utility lines and trees have been reported down in several areas in the city, some blocking the roadways.
According to the police scanner following are some of the lines and tree limbs (or trees) down this morning:
• Tree blocking the road, 700 block of Muldrow.
• Line down, Quantico/Tripoli.
• Tree down, blocking road, Monroe/Agricultural.
• Line hanging low, Monroe Street.
• Line down, Eastholm.
• Line down, East Monroe, near Audrain Medical Center.
• Line down, North Wade at Love and Whitley.
• Line down, Love Street.
• Line down, Teal Lake near Huntingfield.
• Lines (three) down, Bolivar.
• Line down, Grand and Pollock.
• Line on a tree, Holt.
• Lines down (back yard) 600 block of Ringo.
• Tree limb down (front yard) North Kentucky.