Utility lines, trees and limbs down throughout town

The snow storm that began Monday night in Mexico and continued through Tuesday dumped 7 inches of new snow on the ground.
Mexico received 10 inches of snow Thursday, 8 inches of which was still on the ground when the new storm blew in.
Travel was difficult, to impossible Thursday and again Tuesday.
Mexico was still getting snow this morning, but forecasters aren't expecting more than an inch or two of additional snow accumulation in the Mexico area today.
The forecast for Mexico also includes a 30 percent chance of snow tonight, Thursday, Thursday night and Friday, with temperatures ranging from the mid to lower 30s for daytime highs and the mid 20s to the upper teens for lows.
The Missouri Department of Transportation issued a rare "no travel" advisory, urging people to stay off highways except in case of a dire emergency. Conditions were so bad that snowplows slid into ditches, underlining the danger.
The weight of the snow strained power lines and cut electricity to more than 100,000 homes and businesses. Hospitals closed outpatient centers and urgent-care clinics.
At least three deaths were blamed on the blizzard.
In the northwest Oklahoma town of Woodward, a person was killed after 15 inches of snow brought down part of a roof. The storm was also blamed for the deaths of two people who were killed in rollover crashes Monday on Interstate 70 in Kansas.
Heavy snow pulled down large trees and caused roofs to cave in at businesses in Belton and Warrensburg, Mo. In Columbia, a canopy over gas pumps collapsed at a convenience store.