At Mexico High School Hawthorne Heights

Two local organizations have donated monetary gifts to the Mexico School district to remodel the press box at Hawthorne Heights. The cost projection of the project is $158,000.
According to the construction project report presented at the Feb. 19 Mexico School Board meeting, The Edmonston Foundation has donated a gift of $50,000 and the Mexico Bulldog Booster Club has agreed to a commitment of $30,000.
"I am in the process of preparing cost estimates to refurbish and bring the existing system up to code. This will be estimated by at least one local contractor," said Mitch Ridgway, director of custodian and maintenance operations.
Booster Club board member Robby Miller said the club recognizes the need to remodel the press box, and wants to help.
"We know we have a structure that is falling apart and we also know that coaches are on the roof filming without the appropriate safety measures. The school district did the south entryway and the Booster Club did the entryway on the north side. So to us, doing the press box in the middle, would finish the look that is desired for that area," Miller said.
The current press box has considerable weather damage and is deteriorating. The district hopes to demolish the old structure and replace it with a modernized two-story addition. The new construction will eliminate safety issues involved with working on the top of the current structure. The plan is to modify the existing foundation to handle the additional floor. Engineering and planning are required to certify structure integrity.
The initial report has determined that some additional work will be done to the footers of the existing structure and the two I-beams atop the structure will be enlarged to provide support of the extra weight on the second floor addition. The engineered drawings are being prepped to insure proper contractural procedures are used, Ridgway said. He is in the process of preparing cost estimates to refurbish and bring the existing system up to code.
In other construction news, the district is in the process of obtaining bids for "buzz-in systems" at each of the schools. The systems would include video monitoring, audio communication as well as remote access locks. The purpose Ridgway said, is to screen individuals who enter the buildings. The system will be designed to include the district's current lock system.