Loses one day of spring break to snow days

The Mexico School District has used seven of its 11 snow days, which includes the first day of spring break. Any more snow requiring school dismissal could jeopardize the remaining four days of the students' spring vacation.
The state of Missouri requires school districts to place six snow days in the yearly school calendar. Last year, the district scheduled 11 days for snow make-up days.
As of Monday, the district had used (or lost due to non-use) seven of its designated days. Should the district not have any more missed days, the last day of school is May 24.
The days missed by the district were: Dec. 21, 2012, Feb. 21-22, Feb. 26 and Feb. 27. The remaining make-up dates are March 12-15 (spring break).
"It's unfortunate they have to come to school the one day of spring break, but the board adopted the calendar a year in advance, trying to address snow days," said MHS Assistant Superintendent Dr. Zachary Templeton. "We know it's certainly difficult, because people make plans."
On an optimistic note, he added, "But, it doesn't look like we have anything to be concerned with, since spring break is next week."