Report from March 11, 2013 meeting

Monday's Mexico City Council meeting lasted only 19 minutes, including the recognition of city worker Andy Mills, a public hearing and the approval of a resolution to continue joint cooperation with the East Central Drug Task Force.
The meeting opened with City Engineer Kensey Russell presenting Mills with his LTAP Road
Scholar I Certificate, for a course he recently completed to enhance his skills in the public works or local transportation industry. Mills is one of 66 people in the course to complete the course, and the first Mexico employee to earn the recognition. If he proceeds to Level II, Mills would earn supervisory and resource skills.
Mayor Ronald Loesch, Mayor Pro Tem Steve Nichols and councilmen Greg Miller and Dan Botts all congratulated Mills, and his supervisor Kevin Barker presented him with a Carhart jacket for his achievement.
Following the presentation, the public hearing opened to discuss the City's 2007 Community Development Block Grant Project with Mid America Brick. The grant was awarded in 2007, and valued at $600,000 for road infrastructure improvements at MAB.
In light of the economic downturn and MAB's inability to create the required number of jobs, the city has made a request to the Department of Economic Development to de-obligate the grant funds. Total job creations for MAB is 74 with 51 percent benefit to persons of low to moderate income (LMI) and a private investment of $19,500,000. To date, MAB has created 42 new jobs with 69 percent LMI.
"If the continued conditions improve and MAB is capable of meeting the job requirements, the city will reapply for the grant funds," Community Development Director Rita Jackson told the council. No action was taken by the council and no public opinion was voiced.
Council approved a resolution to reaffirm a Memorandum of Understanding with the East Central Drug Task Force. Organized in 2001, the task force is a joint cooperative effort between the Sheriff's offices in Audrain, Montgomery and Warren counties and police departments in the cities of Bowling Green, Mexico, Montgomery City and Vandalia and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
The memorandum outlines the operation of the task force for the 2012-2013 grant year. The City of Mexico is anticipated to contribute $12,000 during this grant year and has been properly funded.
The East Central Drug Task Force confiscated and executed the following in 2012:
• Methamphetamine: 3,564 grams
• Anhydrous ammonia: 20 pounds. Missouri is number two in the state for meth labs.
• Marijuana: 22,674 grams
• Cocaine: 54 grams
• Synthetic drugs: 1,078 grams. Prescription drugs were also seized.
• Firearms: 24
• Drug labs: 32
• Search Warrants: 28
The task force made 80 arrests off of 180 charges made in six months of work. The East Central Drug Task Force identifies and targets for prosecution the most criminally active drug enterprises that affect the Task Force area.
The council approved the resolution 4-0.
The meeting adjourned at 7:19 p.m.