Column published March 13, 2013 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"One precedent at McMillan has been thrown aside by the Senior Class of 1913. These young men and women will not have a class play, as have all other graduating classes at McMillan for the past several years. Faculty members after conferring with the play committee, of which Kenneth Sanford is chairman, decided it would not be advisable to attempt a play this year for several reasons. The Class, as yet, has taken no action toward anything to take the place of the play."
50 Years Ago
"It's spiff-up and slick-down time for the men of Mexico's Headquarters Battery again as they face their annual unit inspection tomorrow night at the Mexico armory. They'll have their uniforms spiffed up and their hair (presumably freshly cut) slicked down for Maj. Clem E. Ridgeway, who will be making the annual Inspector General's inspection for Fifth Army. Each year, every reserve and National Guard unit undergoes such a check of all its operations. Maj. Ridgeway, who is an advisor to the Indiana National Guard and who makes his home in Indiana, will check administration supply, maintenance and equipment tomorrow afternoon before the men arrive for drill."
25 Years Ago
"Wanda Affolter of Mexico was recently selected as Audrain Medical Center's employee of the month for March. The award is given to an employee who demonstrates a caring and professional attitude in his or her work. Ms. Affolter has been an employee for 17 years at AMC, where she works in the food service department's cafeteria."
10 Years Ago
"It's easy enough to get inside the Audrain County Sheriff's Department new state-of-the-art van, but with three heavily armored compartments, cuffs and chains, a video camera and a microphone – it won't be easy for inmates to get out. With the Audrain County Sheriff's Department now transporting Immigrations and Naturalization Service inmates to and from Kansas City to Audrain County, Sheriff Stuart Miller said it was necessary to purchase a new van. A 2003 full-size Chevrolet van was purchased from Putnam Chevrolet in California at a cost of $20,500. The van holds a maximum of 11 inmates, but that is broken down into three different compartments. The main compartment holds eight, four on each side."
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