Column published March 20, 2013 in The Mexico Ledger

100 Years Ago
"Arrangements have now been completed for the entertainment of the people of the County to whom a general invitation is extended on the occasion of the organization of the Audrain County Bureau of Agriculture and the introduction of E.W. Rusk, Farm Commissioner, on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 25th and 26th, at the Lyric Theatre, Mexico, Mo. Ten or twelve of the very ablest speakers and agriculturalists have been engaged for this occasion."
50 Years Ago
"Spring dances in at 2:30 a.m. tomorrow in Mexico amid weather that lives up to expectations for the season. Today's bright sun and warming temperatures provided a pleasant curtain raiser. The forecast is for a continuation of the fair and mild weather for several days. Today marks the end of a short but severe winter. The coldest weather since 1936 gripped Ledgerland, but, it was mostly confined to January. February and the earlier part of March were surprisingly mild. And there was a notable lack of snow."
25 Years Ago
"Phil Becker receives the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce's 1987 Rural Citizen Award. The award is presented each year to a rural citizen of the Mexico area 'who, in addition to displaying efficient and effective farm management, recognizes his responsibility to work for the betterment of the Mexico area and has distinguished himself by such service.' In addition to active service in various farm organizations, Mr. Becker is an active member and past president of the Mexico Jaycees and is grand knight of the Knights of Columbus. The award was presented at the chamber's second annual Agriculture Appreciation Dinner.
10 Years Ago
"A federal judge recently upheld the state's sex offender registration law, saying that the public has a right to know where convicted sex offenders live. Lieutenant Gerald Barnett of the Audrain County Sheriff's Department agreed with the decision. 'I think the law is a good idea,' said Barnett. 'If you have someone like that living next door to you wouldn't you like to know? I have children, and I know I would.' Missouri is one of several states that has adopted a version of Megan's Law, a statute named after a New Jersey girl murdered by a sex offender in 1994. The Missouri law requires the estimated 17,000 in the state convicted of sex crimes to register and their names and addresses to local authorities."
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