Report from March 25 meeting

Mexico Parks and Recreation is keeping its promise to the community to improve the city's 11 parks and trail. Monday night, the city council approved two resolutions to accept bids to start work on the flooring project at the Jaycee Shelter and the restrooms at Garfield Park.
During a work session held before the regular meeting, Parks and Recreation Director Chad Shoemaker gave council an annual update of his department, highlighting its 2012 activities and future plans. The department will use the half-cent parks sales tax, passed by voters in 2012, to address and fund park issues.
Mayor Ron Loesch, Mayor Pro Tem Steve Nichols and councilmen Chris Williams and Greg Miller were present. Councilman Dan Botts was absent.
The council approved a resolution, approving Rhad A. Baker Construction LLC for the replacement of the concrete flooring project at the Jaycee Shelter, located at the R.S. Green Park. Rhad A. Baker Construction beat out five other contractors, with a $20,700 bid.
The 2012-2013 annual budget allows for $12,000 for the project. The main cause for the increase in cost was the expanded scope of the project due to the project needs being identified during the development of the engineering specifications. The additional funding to cover the overage of the costs will be provided through savings and deferment on other capital outlay items. Shoemaker explained that the pads on the original flooring were too big, allowing water to enter under the padding and causing the flooring damage.
Council approved the resolution with a 4-0 vote.
Council passed a resolution to award Plan B Development of Mexico the contract to construct restrooms at Garfield Park. Six other contractors obtained information, but Plan B won the bid at $46,000. The annual budget allows $42,500 for the construction/renovation of restroom facilities at Garfield Park. Funding to cover the overage of the cost has been achieved through a delay of personnel hiring.
Shoemaker said the department intends to build a new restroom facility up out of the flood place, facing the existing sidewalk that was put in last year, and use the old structure as a storage shed. If that shed is usable, he said they will build a unit closer to the ball field.
The council also addressed the following:
• An ordinance accepting a 16-foot sanitary sewer easement at 1101 W. Monroe, the site for the future Moser's development. The development will be in conflict with the existing sanitary sewer at that location. The existing sanitary sewer needs to be relocated to allow for the new building. The easement has been signed by the property owner and approved by council 4-0. City Engineer Kensey Russell told council that Moser's is paying for the sewer line and has already done part of the erosion control in the area. Work at the new site continues.
• An ordinance providing for the vacation of sanitary sewer easements and utility easements, located at 1101 W. Monroe. The Moser's development site consists of several places that have previously had various utility easements created across them. To properly develop the site, several of these easements must be vacated and the primary conflicting easement is the sanitary sewer. A new easement for a relocated sewer has been given. Council proceeded with two readings by title only and passed the ordinance with a 4-0 vote.
The meeting adjourned at 7:18 p.m. The next council meeting is Monday, April 8 in Council Chambers at City Hall.