Results from MHS reported

Hundreds of musicians and vocalists were in Mexico Thursday through Saturday for the annual MSHSAA Music Festival held at Mexico High School. Musicians and vocalists receiving Superior (1) ratings advance to the State Musical Festival in Columbia on April 25.
Results from Mexico High School are as follows:
State Music Festival – Large Groups
Mexico High School Band – Robert Cortez, director – 1 (Superior)
Mexico High School Choir – Julie Dreier, director – 2 (Excellent)
District Music Festival – Solos and Small Ensembles
Superior (1) Ratings
Lillian Rotte, vocal solo
Jared Melton, piano solo
Saxophone Quartet (Jacob Lauer, Madeleine Prince, Chelsea McCord, and Haley Barnes)
Trombone Quartet (Austin Weber, Cassandra Schmidt, Lucas Handlin, and Caleb Quinlan)
Excellent (2) Ratings
Allison Heckman, carinet solo
Kristin Walch, vocal solo
Johnny McDonald, vocal solo
Jordan Henry, vocal solo
Ally Applebee, vocal solo
Kayla Parrott, vocal solo
Isaac Prior, vocal solo
Monica Martinez, vocal solo
Meg Griffin, vocal solo
Trumpet Trio No. 11 (Thomas Freeman, Lauren Ransom, and Karen Baker)
Trumpet Trio No. 2 (Austin Barnett, Lary Dye, and Rachel Owings)
Good (3) Ratings
Katherine Scherry, keyboard mallet solo
Courtney Inlow, flute solo
Austin Pattillo, vocal solo
Brittany Shoemaker, vocal solo
Clarinet Quartet (Jared Melton, Allison Heckman, Nandita Thapar, and Carly Abbott).