Phone system fixed

Calls made to the Mexico City Hall at the beginning of the week may have been put through, while others were cut off or lost, due to a faulty line in the city's current telephone system. City officials told The Mexico Ledger Tuesday afternoon, that all problems have been fixed, and they apologize for any inconvenience.
"When we incurred the problem yesterday (Monday), we contacted AT&T to be placed in the work order system and they sent someone out to look at the issue," said Assistant City Manager Roger Haynes. "Someone from AT&T contacted us and said a couple of circuits in the T1 line were indeed creating problems and that they would be out to fix the circuit."
T1 lines transmit data across phone lines. Depending on what they are doing, a T1 line can generally handle quite a few people. According to Haynes, other businesses in town besides City Hall also experienced problems.
"We are not certain how widespread the problem was," Haynes said. "I spoke with a couple of businesses yesterday that are within 1,000 yards of us and they did not have problems on their end, but there were other businesses within the same perimeter that had similar problems as City Hall."
By Tuesday afternoon, Haynes said everything "sounded good" and back in order. He also noted that during the down period city employees were able to use their cell phones as backup until the line was repaired.
Haynes said the city's current phone system was installed in either 2007 or 2008, and provided by AT&T and Towner Communications. He said the city plans to switch over to fiber optic on April 26. That project will be coordinated between the city, Towner Communications and Charter. AT&T will no longer be the service provider for City Hall, the maintenance building or the wastewater treatment facility.
"The city is currently on DSL and this change will significantly increase the speed for our Internet needs," Haynes said.