Announces changes to summer school program

The Mexico Public School District has changed its summer school program this year for all incoming kindergarten through 12th grade students. Summer school will be held June 3 through June 28.
Enrollment for all summer school programs has also changed. Enrollments will be completed online at the website For students without the technology in their homes, parents may go to any of the district school buildings and use a computer there, or call your student's school and enroll by phone.
Parents can also request a paper copy of enrollment after the enrollment has opened. School officials say the best option is to enroll online as phone registrations will take more time and calls will be returned in the order they are received.
"Primarily we are moving more and more to being paperless in terms of trying to increase efficiency and save district resources," said District Assistant Superintendent Dr. Zachary Templeton. "There will still be an opportunity for people to use the paper process, but we're hoping to catch the majority online. It's convenient for the user and will eliminate some of the lost paper issues and the need for parents to collect all that paper, organize it and go through the process."
The online system, Templeton said, will allow the district to pull the information into spreadsheets, use it more efficiently and reduce manpower.
A description of the summer program for each age and a list of electives being offered will be sent home with all students. Parents must also enroll their student to have summer school bus service. Enrollment deadline for transportation service is May 24, the last day of school. Enrollments after May 24 will not be guaranteed bus service until the second week of summer school. Parents are advised to enroll early to avoid any issues.
Online registration will close on the last day of school, any enrollment after May 24 will need to be completed by paper form.
For more information about summer school or to make arrangements to get an enrollment form, call Jan Dempsey at (573) 581-3773 ext. 2404.