Members question continued use of Mex-TV

Mex-TV Access Channel has aired community events occurring in and around the Mexico, Audrain County area for more than a decade. For that period, it proved to be an effective tool for dispensing continuous public information. However, with the boom in social media, Mexico City Council members wonder if the usage rate is high enough to justify the cost to taxpayers.
During the March 25 city council work session, Mayor Ron Loesch and Councilman Greg Miller posed questions about the access channel, its usage and cost. Parks and Recreation Director Chad Shoemaker addressed their concerns during his annual update of the parks and recreation system.
"Is it something people are still watching," Loesch asked. In addition to community events, Mex-TV also airs city council meetings, time and temperature and public notice of meetings.
According to Shoemaker, the number of requests made to post information on the channel have been "steady, if not bumped up." But, with no audience rating system, he said it's hard to track how many people actually watch the community access channel. He said staff is researching information to figure out what it would cost to continue operating the service. He estimates, it could be costly.
"My concern is, if we are going to incur the cost, we need to know the usage of the system," Loesch said. "If the community wants it, that's OK, but if only 10 people are watching it," he said the city may want to reconsider what is being spent to provide the service. He asked staff to continue tracking the number of requests, to help in the decision-making process.
Mex-TV was started in Mexico more than 15 years ago, broadcasting activities happening in Mexico and surrounding communities. Mex-TV has been moved to channel 994 on the Basic Service Tier. Customers with a Charter Digital SetTop Converter can tune to channel 994. Customers with cable ready digital TVs with a QAM tuner tune to channel 108.26. DISH customers do not receive Mex-TV.