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  • Incumbent city councilman Christopher Williams defeated former councilman Michael Myers, and the Special Road District question to approve a continuing resolution for the maintenance of Audrain County's 500 county roads resulted in a tie Tuesday.
    With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Williams garnered 55.71 percent of the vote and Meyers 44.29 percent.
    Councilman Williams said, "I am very pleased with the results and I appreciate the opportunity that the cicizens of the community have given me. I will do my best to move forward on the ideas we have discussed over the last few months."
    Former councilman Myers, whose aim was to make Mexico a stronger destination location and encourage the trend of young adults returning to Mexico to raise their families, said "I appreciate the people that did support me, and I'm sorry we did not come through. But I wish the best of luck for Chris. I look forward to him decreasing unemployment and raising the standard of living in Mexico."
    The Common No. 1 Special Road District Question received 102 yes and no votes. An Audrain County Clerk Office spokesperson said "this is the first time in history that this has happened." There are two options. A judge can approve a manual recount or have the issue placed on the August ballot, officials said.
    Following are the results of Tuesday's General Municipal Elections for Mexico, Audrain and other Ledgerland localities:
    City of Mexico
    • Councilman (three-year term. Vote one):
    Christopher Williams: 390
    Michael Myers: 310
    Audrain County
    • Health Center Trustee (four-year term, vote for two)
    Joyce Carr: 457
    Sharon D. Stowers: 526
    Faye Fairchild: 672
    Patricia R. Burke: 736
    Write-ins: 9
    • Hospital Board of Trustee (vote for one)
    Constance A. Hesse: 707
    Peter D. Perll: 770
    • Common No. 1 Special Road District (Question)
    Shall the Common No. 1 Road District of Audrain County levy a continuing additional tax rate of thirty-five cents per one hundred dollars assessed valuation for a period of four (4) years?
    Yes: 102
    No: 102
    • Special No. 13 Road District Commissioner. Three-year term. Vote one.
    Jon Oliver: 340
    John P. Ogden: 453
    • Emergency Services Board of Director for Eastern District Director (four-year- term) Vote for two.
    Steve "Gator" Shaw: 360
    John A. Weiser: 501
    Charles M. Scrogin: 465
    • Mayor (two-year term):
    Pat Arens: 19
    • Ward II Alderman (two-year term:)
    Bill Dubbert: 15
    • Mayor: Joshua G. Deimeke: 48
    Write-in: 1
    • Alderman Ward I: Ono Monachino 23
    • Alderman Ward II (two-year term): Monte Hanson 25
    City of Farber
    • Mayor: John W. Hodge 27
    Page 2 of 3 - • Alderman (Two-year term. Vote two)
    Ronald E. Greenplate: 26
    Gary Stubblefield: 30
    Rush Hill
    • Trustee (vote for two)
    Helen LaRue: 5
    Kathy Taylor: 6
    Benton City
    • Trustee (two-year term)
    Terry Davenport: 3
    Jody Todd: 4
    • Ward One Alderman (two-year term)
    Larry J. Shaw: 49
    Raymond Sutton: 33
    • Ward Two Alderman:
    Dempsey Dixon: 29
    • Ward 3 Alderman:
    Ronald Stallcup: 89
    • Van-Far School District
    Proposition 1: To choose by ballot two directors who shall serve as members of the Board of Education for a term of three years each.
    (Vote for two):
    Christina L. Nelson: 284
    Charles M. Scrogin: 158
    Kevin Motley: 290
    Write-ins: 3
    • Vandalia Special Road District Commissioner (Three-year term. Vote for one)
    Terry Newland: 261
    Rennie Davis: 98
    Village of Vandiver
    • Trustee (vote for three)
    Scott Batts:13
    Tony Rutherford: 12
    Beanie Power: 9
    Monroe County
    • Monroe County Nursing Home Board
    Richard J. Fredrick: 72
    Jackie Bordeleau: 59
    • Paris R-2 School Boundary Change
    Yes: 158
    No: 20
    • Paris Rural Fire Protection District board member.
    Thomas T. (Ted) DeOrnellis, Jr.: 162
    Gary R. Wilson: 165
    William (Hoss) Thomas: 31
    • City of Paris Ward 1 East
    Chris Popkes: 38 (Absentee results: 6)
    • City of Paris Ward 2 West:
    Kevin Embree: 64 (Absentee results: 4)
    Montgomery County
    Proposition 1:
    Yes: 1,690
    No: 555
    Reorganized School District No. 2. Board of Directors.
    Heath Sellenriek, 971
    John E. Woods, 825
    Thomas E. Henke, 617
    Stephanie Parrish, 578
    Special School Bond Election Montgomery County R-II School District Proposition 2?
    Yes: 1,121
    No: 603
    • City of Wellsville-Middletown R-1 School District
    Proposition 1. Vote two. Term of three years each.
    Fred Huebner: 7
    Caren Blaue: 17
    Phillip Peak: 14
    • Proposition: Safe & Sound School
    Yes: 264
    No: 150
    • Wellsville Special Road District issue.
    Yes: 178
    No: 84
    • Middletown Alderman I
    Roy Butts: 19
    Robert Woodson: 18
    First Ward Alderman (Vote one)
    Dale Parrish
    Alderman Second Ward: Berry Cullom
    Montgomery City
    Alderman Ward 1 (Vote one)
    Michael Spirz, 241
    Susan Kemps, 120
    • Centralia School District two elected ­– Bobbie Tetley: 714; Jed Angell: 670; Art Dollens: 144
    • Mayor
    Page 3 of 3 - Tim Grenke: 445; Catherine Simmons: 88; Farris Sanders: 53
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