If the slippery ice-covered streets don't get me, it will be the hidden potholes and puddles.

  Walking the collies in the bitter cold winter we have just about finished experiencing (note my optimism here) has been an incredible challenge. Temperatures hovering well below zero and windchills adding to the fun have made my daily appointed dog walks less than pleasant, not just for me, but the dogs have protested as well. But when you gotta go  ...  well, you know the rest of that story.

   Now that the great meltdown has begun in earnest the problems for the three of us are related to getting wet. Apparently when you are a collie you consider it beneath your dignity to dip your pretty feet and feathery legs up to the hips in frigid, dirty water. A deep pool of H2O lurks at the end of our driveway, the only usable exit from our still deeply-snowy yard. Max and Lacey are not impressed with the situation, no, not one bit! These two aristocrats of the dog world think getting dirty is beneath them. I keep reminding them how fortunate they are to be tall and not close to the ground like a Corgi or, worse, a Dachshund! They have turned deaf ears to my reminder. Does anyone have a boat for rent?