Audit reveals $13,491 missing from bank deposits

JoAnna M. Borgmeyer, 36, of Farber has been arrested for stealing from the Handi-Shop.
In the probable cause statement, Jason Newton, acting board member of the Handi-Shop, Inc., stated during the Handi-Shop's yearly audit about $13,000 was discovered missing from the deposits. Newton advised the deposits were recorded in the house computer but had not been deposited in the bank. Newton stated JoAnna Borgmeyer had told them Rodney Shivers had been taking money from the bank bags for the past two years.
The auditor provided an audit of the Handi-Shop. The audit states from 11/30/2012 to 01/07/2013 there were 22 deposits that were not made, with a total of $13,491.13 missing. On the auditor's report it indicates the day the deposit was recorded and the day that each deposit was made. Detective Jim C. Day was advised the average time it takes to deposit a cash bag is 2-3 days. Upon reviewing the auditor's report he observed it to take Borgmeyer up to 37 days to deposit cash bags. Day made contact with Borgmeyer at Mexico Public Safety Department and advised her of her Miranda warning. She stated she knew Shivers was taking money from the cash bags and she was helping cover it up by holding the bank deposits back. She admitted to doing this for about two years.
Borgmeyer has been released from jail on a $10,000 bond.
Shivers was arrested by Boone County Sheriff's Department and according to jail officials he posted a $10,000 bond.