Building erected in 1885

MARTINSBURG – Going, going, gone.
A piece of the town's history was plowed to the ground Friday, as demolition teams took down the city's oldest building, erected in 1885.
The Martinsburg Market – located on First Street in downtown Martinsburg – was most recently known as a place to purchase deli-made sandwiches and ice cold beverages and indulge in friendly conversation. It also had more than a century of history before the market came into play.
The demolition crews started and finished the tear-down on April 19.
According to area genealogist and historian Paul Hoer, the first-level of the Martinsburg Market building was originally built in 1885. The second floor was added in 1916. The Knights of Columbus had the addition built to add their KOC Hall.
"Many dances on the second floor had the whole building shaking," Hoer said.
A partial collapse of the building occurred on the evening of April 10, when the west wall of the structure fell. Nine days later, the demolition team took down the rest of the building.
Aside from the dance hall, the building in the past also served as a liquor store and pool hall.